Mr. Antoine Georges

Antoine Georges currently serves as the Managing Director of Dome Exhibitions, Abu Dhabi, UAE, playing a pivotal role in supervising the company’s operations and providing strategic directives and essential guidance needed to achieve its mission and objectives. During his career with the company, which spans around three decades, Georges organized a series of projects covering different sectors such as the Offshore Powerboat Racing; Formula One Powerboat Racing; International Real Estate and Investment Show (2005 – 2019); Sour Oil and Gas Advanced Technology (SOGAT) Conference (2004 – 2019), and International Digital Oilfield Conference, to name a few. Prior to his current leading role, he held several positions in organizations like, Comité des Expositions de Paris in France as an ‘Exhibitions Project Manager’ and also served as Project Manager for the Riyadh Exhibitions Company for nine years, where he was in charge of organizing various international shows and events. Mr. Antoine Georges holds a master’s degree in Economic Sciences from St Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon.

Mr. Purushan Manjuvil

Since commencement, Mr Purushan Manjuvil has been the man behind the success story of Dome Exhibitions Dubai. Being a prominent figure in the Middle East exhibition sector with over 34 years of industry expertise, he is one among the few, who laid the foundation stones for the Middle East gulf trade shows. With a solid experience of over 18 years in Alfajer UAE, heading their production team as the operations manager, Mr. Manjuvil has contributed a lot to the development of company’s current brand identity and quality standards. In recognition of his outstanding management capability, he has been assigned as the project manager IDEX for five continuous terms from 1991-1999.As an operation expert and pioneer in the industry, he had succeeded in carving a niche in the Middle East Exhibition sector.

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