Our Services


Event Production

As the world shrinks and we become a more globalized society, we turn more to these large events to draw in and reach our target


Exhibition & stand services

If you are looking to create a booth whose design clearly encompasses your company's vision and


Stage & backdrop settings

To capture the attention of today's society, the design of the stage and backdrops must pop with style.


Interior designing & Shop fittings

While the interior of your showroom or office as displayed at the event must provide a functional


Light and sounds with projection solutions

Optimizing potential consumer attraction involves not only functional light and sound systems


Promotional displays

Every exhibitor desires to draw in the optimal number of potential customers. With our innovative approach


Signage and Branding

Of course, maximizing company outreach potential is impossible without signage and branding


Furniture Rentals

Buying furniture for a one-time or yearly event is impractical. Recognizing this, we have collected a wide

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